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Our Services

With years of experience in information technology consulting and compliance, we successfully assisted thousands of happy clients. Choosing us would be the first step towards completing your security requirements. From governance, risk management, vulnerability testing, penetration assessment, strategy consultation and audit and assessment, we are the all-in-one solution that your organization needs. With our expertise and advanced tools, your business can reach great heights by eliminating the loopholes in the existing system. Here is exactly how we do this:

It internal audit

IT Internal Audit

We enable clients to improve their IT audit abilities. Furthermore, we focus on adding value to the business by performing risk assessments. Planning and execution are the next steps that involve specialist audits. Our services will stimulate the process of attaining technical knowledge of operational risks in-depth. Also, we will work with your internal team to carry out the tasks smoothly. This way, your team will know which risks need immediate attention and can start working on them.

Internal Audit co-sourcing

Co-sourcing comes in handy for organisations especially when their business is expanding. Staff up or down as you wish according to your needs. We can help you in attaining this flexibility where you pay on ʼas and when neededʼ basis. With co-sourcing, your business can keep up with the emerging risks and challenges.

compliance service

Compliance services

With our assistance, a business can effortlessly opt for a compliance model as we help in designing as well as executing ethical activities. Such compliant functions ensure that there are no further risks. Alongside, our services include extending support for the SOX program too. Automating the potency of a program and reducing its cost to a great extent is all a part of our job.

Key Features of our Company

From small, and medium to big-sized companies, our services are suitable for a wide array of businesses. We are known for integrating risk management into the organization and all of its strategic processes.

Evaluate and examine the company’s abidance to regulatory standards and ensure conformance by performing detailed steps.

Assessing the internal processes of the company and suggesting compliant protocols.

Detailed security audit on crucial systems as well as applications.

Opting for compliance-specific needs like penetration testing, vulnerability tests and other evaluations.

Reinforcing recoveries and adherence with contracts and also conducting pre-audit checks.

Formulating blueprints and designs to tailor them according to the business goals.

Our Process

Before starting with the procedure, our experts conduct a review of the physical, administrative and technical controls utilized in the IT operations of an organisation. After gathering the information, we evaluate the reports to spot the risk exposure and bridge prospective control gaps. In the last phase, we provide you with a detailed report that explains the identified gaps and risks.

Also, we provide valuable recommendations for the risks involved. With these factors, a business can strengthen its security controls to safeguard sensitive IT information assets. From cybersecurity regulations to data security, ensure that your organisation is compliant with them all. Focus on enhancing the security posture of your business. We have got your back and will guide you through the entire process. 

Why Choose Us

With so many services available, you must be wondering what makes us special. Well, we offer real-time visibility and the board members can receive real-time data as well. Higher authorities can get access to the status of compliance of all departments. Since you are accountable to a lot of people, we assure you that we will have your back at all times.

Streamlining the auditing is our expertise and we do it better than anyone else in the industry. Moreover, customer satisfaction is our priority. Whenever you face any issue, our customer support will be available for you around the clock. With a team of highly professional, experienced and proficient individuals, we succeed in every task that we undertake. Several clients placed their trust in us and they certainly appreciate what we have to offer. Focus on other aspects of your business and leave the security management part to us.