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WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing is a significant aspect of multi-channel marketing. With an opening rate of 70%, this type of meeting can help your brand gain great exposure. Users spend an enormous time on WhatsApp and your brand should be active on all such platforms to draw in the target audience. Being a revolutionary app, WhatsApp allows everyone to share media, texts and voice notes easily. With the ever-growing popularity and usage of the app, your brand must have a solid online presence on WhatsApp. Along with providing instant communication, the app also provides you with a direct communication channel with the customers. From discounts, promo codes, announcements and coupon codes to store locations, WhatsApp marketing is flexible, straightforward and very effective.

Why is WhatsApp Marketing crucial for businesses?

Increase your reach by connecting with the users on a personal level. Enrich customer service by putting in minimum effort. It is one of the most effective and essential tools today and with the right strategies, it can bring a lot of recognition and sales to your business. Firstly, circulating messages via WhatsApp requires minimal or no cost. Who does not value cost-effective strategies that can boost your business? We all do. Going creative with the campaigns is possible because we can include pictures, videos, texts, and even customized GIFs.

While tracking the progress of campaigns on social media is difficult, this is not the case with WhatsApp. We can easily figure out with the double ticks or the blue tick feature whether the messages got delivered. With smartphones in every hand nowadays, It is quite a basic app that everyone uses daily. Brands can reach out to a much greater audience and communicate with them. Plugins are not necessary for this type of marketing because the app is direct without any restrictions. Moreover, we can send out the same message, video or pictures to a large group of people without selecting them manually.

What do we do?

We enable you to connect with customers around the world at any time. Our clients can expect fast onboarding from us along with quick integration of the business process. When it comes to customer experience, we offer unlimited possibilities. From greeting your clients to ending the conversation in a way which is satisfactory for your customers, we do it all. With us, your team can get rid of tedious and repetitive tasks as we link your business with a bot for such concerns. Let us design a tempting portfolio for your business that will attract new users and will also tell them about your brand.

Delivering Incredible Results

We go the extra mile to make your campaigns successful. Our chatbots are unique, and interactive and provide spot-on solutions. Your clients can communicate at any time of the day regarding any issue. At DigiTech Scaler, customer experience is our priority and we understand how vital it is for your company as well. That is why we meet the service demands quickly and manage the workflow.

Manage The Workflow

Our dedicated team creates bots that will automate your business. Sharing videos, pictures, content, scheduling, customer service or any other client business relationship channel can be done by this bot. We will set question buttons, and pop-up options, create conditions and also provide connectivity to the live chat panel.

Business Profile

We design a professional business profile on WhatsApp for your brand. Let the first impression of your brand be proficient and authentic. With end-to-end encryption, communication is secure. Connect with clients and let them choose to start a conversation in the language in which they are comfortable. We also set custom messages for special occasions and send them at the right time.

Why choose us?

DigiTech Scaler strives to deliver the best WhatsApp marketing solutions to clients. From sending messages in bulk to customizing them according to each client, we handle it all. Our strategies are promising and we will deliver you results in a short period. With our excellent reputation, remarkable track records, and 24*7 support lines, we are one of the leading digital marketing services. Our team consists of highly professional and skilled members who understand the concept of marketing in a wider scope and who believe in providing long-lasting success. We invite you to grow your business with us and make the most out of our marketing services.


WhatsApp Business is a free-to-download app available for iOS and Android. You can start using your WhatsApp Business in seven simple steps:

  • Download WhatsApp for your mobile phone through App Store or Play Store
  • Review the terms of service and press “Agree and Continue” if they are alright with your business terms
  • Register your account by filling in information like country code and phone number. An SMS verification OTP will be sent to you to verify your business phone number. Complete the verification
  • Allow the app access to the media files on your device and your contacts
  • Complete your account by filling in the details of your business
  • Build a detailed business profile by tapping on “Explore”
  • Begin marketing or chatting with your consumers

WhatsApp Business is a way of interacting with consumers on a platform they spend a lot of time using. The number, in fact, stands at an average of 38 minutes per day for Android users. 

  • Get exposure to a wide consumer base – local or global
  • Tap into this high-engagement messaging app to leverage for marketing purposes
  • Easily start automated chats with consumers to assist them with queries, garner feedback, send promotional content and important updates and offers directly and personally
  • Reduce customer service response times
  • Scale operations as per requirement.

WhatsApp Business is completely free to download, set up and use. However, using a WhatsApp Business API for larger scales may incur costs. Registering over WhatsApp API requires prior approval from WhatsApp before you can start using it. Additionally, businesses are charged for the messages they send to consumers after 24 hours. If your business replies to a customer’s messages within 24 hours, there is no fee. compelling copy that draws people in.

Yes, the WhatsApp Business account allows businesses to set up payment options for their consumers right through the chat interface. All you need to do is set up your business account, add your payout account details, and start using the app to sell to consumers. The app also supports credit, debit and combo card payments at a 3.99% transaction fee. You can also initiate refunds through the app. Moreover,

No, WhatsApp does not automatically record any of your calls with your consumers. It also does not support the function of call recording on the app. All the conversations with your consumers – whether chats or calls or media sharing – is encrypted end-to-end, ensuring conversational privacy. However, there are third-party plugins or apps available on the application market that may give you the recording functionality.